Data Mining with Weka

Everybody talks about Data Mining and Big Data nowadays. Weka is a powerful, yet easy to use tool for machine learning and data mining. This course introduces you to practical data mining.

A new session starts on 3 October 2016, and the course will run in self-paced unsupported mode until 3rd January; whereupon Statements of Completion will be produced and mailed out.

The course features:

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Prof Ian H. Witten
Department of Computer Science
University of Waikato


  • Pre-course survey

  • Class 1 - Getting started with Weka

  • Class 2 - Evaluation

  • Mid-course assessment

  • Class 3 - Simple classifiers

  • Class 4 - More classifiers

  • Class 5 - Putting it all together

  • Post-course assessment

  • Post-course survey