Q: How much time will I have to spend on the course?
A: In the introductory video Ian says about 3 hours/week for the 5 week duration of the course. Each lesson consists of a video and an activity. Allowing 10 mins for the video and 10-20 mins for the activity comes to 20-30 mins/lesson, and there are 6 lessons/week (but only 4 in the final week). So you should allow 2-3 hours/week; a little bit less in weeks 1 (the activities are simpler) and 5 (only 4 lessons). If you were to do the optional reading associated with each lesson, that would increase to about 3-4 hours/week
Q: Is there an end of course certificate?
A: Yes, a Statement of Completion will be distributed for those students who pass the assessments with at least 70% of the marks (mid-course makes up 1/3 and post-course 2/3 of the overall mark). An example of a Statement of Completion..
Q: Why do I need a Google Account to join the course?
A: We are using the Google CourseBuilder as the course platform and it uses a Google Account for registration.
Q: Can I download the videos?
A: The videos are available to download on the course's materials website.
Q: Can I use the materials?
A: Yes, the videos and slides are licensed under CC-BY and you are free to use them under that license.
Q: What version of Weka is being used for the course?
A: 3.6.11 - The 3.6.x branch is tied to the Data Mining (3rd Ed.) book, the 3.7.x developer branch is not. Please note, that there were bug-fixes to some algorithms, which affect the activities. Make sure that you are using the correct version.
Q: When is the final assessment?
A: The final assessment will be opened during week 5 and close on Sunday 13th April.
Q: Do I need to be able to program in Java?
A: Not for this course, since everything is done through Weka's graphical user interface. However, if you want to embed Weka in your own projects, check out FAQ How do I use WEKA's classes in my own code? on the wiki.
Q: I am using Linux. Can I install and use the Weka package available from the Debian/Ubuntu repositories?
A: No, you can't, unfortunately. The version available through the Debian/Ubuntu repositories is too old. Instead, you need to download the 3.6.10 ZIP file for other platforms from the Weka homepage. See this forum post for more information.
Q: Why can't I see the free chapters of the Data Mining book on the Elsevier website?
A: If you are using Firefox, then it might be due to a new feature that Firefox 23 introduced for blocking mixed content. Click the shield icon in the address bar and select Disable protection on this page - and the embedded Scribd document should appear.