Q: How much time will I have to spend on the course?
A: This course is considerably more demanding than the previous two and will take 25%-50% more time. The structure is the same: 6 lessons/week for 5 weeks, each consisting of a video and an activity. But (even) more of the learning takes place during the activities, which are more demanding than before. Allowing 15 mins for a video and 30-45 mins for an activity comes to 45-60 mins/lesson, so you should allow 4-5 hours/week.
Q: Is there an end of course certificate?
A: Yes, a Statement of Completion will be distributed for those students who pass the assessments with at least 70% of the marks (mid-course makes up 1/3 and post-course 2/3 of the overall mark). An example of a Statement of Completion..
Q: Why do I need a Google Account to join the course?
A: We are using the Google CourseBuilder as the course platform and it uses a Google Account for registration.
Q: Can I download the videos?
A: The videos will be available to download on the course's materials website.
Q: Can I use the materials?
A: Yes, the videos and slides are licensed under CC-BY and you are free to use them under that license.
Q: When is the final assessment?
A: The final assessment will be opened during week 5 and close a week after the course ends..
Q: Do I need to be able to program in Java?
A: Not for this course, since everything is done through Weka's graphical user interface. However, if you want to embed Weka in your own projects, check out FAQ How do I use WEKA's classes in my own code? on the wiki.
Q: What about Python?
A: Class 5 is mostly about scripting Weka in Python. You do not need to know the Python language; we give a quick introduction at the beginning. Most of the scripting is done within the Weka Explorer interface; however, one lesson is about integrating Weka with an existing Python installation. Setting up that installation is up to you: it's easy on Linux but quite difficult on Windows and Mac. However, we recognize that not everyone will want to do that, so the rest of the class does not depend on it.
Q: What about Groovy?
A: Class 5 contains one lesson about scripting Weka in Groovy, a Java-based scripting language. You do not need to know Groovy; again, we give a quick introduction at the beginning.
Q: I am using Linux. Can I install and use the Weka package available from the Debian/Ubuntu repositories?
A: No, you can't, unfortunately. The version available through the Debian/Ubuntu repositories is too old. Instead, you need to download the 3.8 ZIP file for other platforms from the Weka homepage. See this forum post for more information.